Legacy Giving

Create a legacy of support for your loved ones and for causes important to you.

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Questions About Giving

You may have questions regarding your gifts. We understand!

What if I change my mind?
Many types of planned gifts allow you flexibility to change charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries. Consult your advisor to ensure you choose a plan that offers this flexibility if that is important to you.

What if the value of my gift changes over time?
You may worry that what you hope to give the organization will change or become less as your needs change, causing you to hesitate in notifying the Foundation of your intentions. Rest assured, the Foundation is grateful for your offered gift and would appreciate the opportunity to honor and steward you.

Can I still control my investments?
There are some gift structures that allow you to retain control over the assets that fund them. Be sure to talk with your advisor if this is relevant to your situation.

I really prefer to support a specific purpose.
The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss the area(s) of care most dear to you and to ensure your wishes are fulfilled, inasmuch as we are able with the programs and services that we offer. We can assist you in documenting your gift intentions.

What if I do not wish others to know of my giving?
The Foundation is happy to honor your wishes for anonymity. If you direct us to keep your name undisclosed, we will fulfill that directive.

How is my information handled?
The Foundation is diligent in protecting our donors' personal financial information. All records are shared internally with designated staff on a business need-to-know basis only. Your gift information is strictly confidential, unless you release us to share specific details with your professional advisors and/or for the purpose of encouraging others to give.